About Us

LegalRSS is a division of Best Practice Online Limited, which was founded in 1997 by well-known professional practice marketing consultant Joe Reevy to provide consultancy services to professional services firms with a specific focus on techniques to improve profitability.

We started supplying content  through Words4Business in 2000. That business has grown significantly since its inception in 2001 and now provides content to law firms throughout the UK (see our clients).

In 2010 we started LegalRSS, building a state of the art web marketing system (www.myinfonet.com) to create the most complete and best value marketing solution a law firm can have.

We have a highly qualified and professional writing team, which includes retained court reporters, and (crucially) a top class editing team. We are proud of our unparalleled reputation for quality and range. We also aim to be the easiest people to deal with you will ever come across (see our terms and conditions).

Although we have a nationwide group of highly qualified and carefully selected writers, management and final editorial functions are kept ‘in family’, as is the innovation of our software products: expertly coded in the UK.


Carrie Reevy, BA (Exeter), MA (Southampton), PGCE – Managing editor and crossword lover.

Joe Reevy BA (Exeter), MSc (Southampton), FCA, CTA, MAE – managing director. 14 Years’ as full equity partner in a leading regional – and good at making things work.

Robert Reevy BA (Sheffield) – Projects manager and key accounts. Member of Mensa and Scrabble fanatic. Writes in several programming languages.



We place social responsibility right at the top of our priorities and are passionate about our work and our clients. We aim to be the easiest people that you will ever do business with.