Save Marketing Time

Creating good content for your website or blogs takes a lot of time. It requires finding the right material, writing it in a reader-friendly way, checking facts, getting the style consistent and making sure you have a high-quality third party edit.

Administering content – loading material on your website, driving social networking,  sending e-newsletters, linking material to the case references and legislation etc. – is also a lengthy process.

Frankly, your marketing professionals have better things to do. With the LegalRSS integrated and ultra-simple content management and marketing platform  these processes are heavily automated. The time saved here allows them to do more valuable things

Social networking can also be very time-consuming. Not with LegalRSS! All content you post can be socially networked across your networking space through integration with Buffer or directly through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

These are just some of the features –call us to find out more!

In fact, we’d be delighted to manage the entire process for you – blogs, web content, e-newsletters (including segmentation), social media distribution – the lot.